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Compliance Consulting


Our specialized brokerage team can provide a wide variety of Customs compliance consultation for import and export customers who need assistance as they ship perishables internationally. Customized Brokers’ dedicated focus to compliance management helps to reduce cargo delays and costs associated with non-compliance to customs regulations. To ensure customs compliance and fast clearance, work with the best and get your cargo moving quickly.

We can provide the following expertise for importing into the U.S.:

  • General import information, such as understanding the process and requirements for importing time-sensitive goods into the U.S.
  • First-time importer consulting
  • Regulation and duties guidance for perishable goods
  • Information about new rules and regulations
  • Assistance when Customs brokerage problems or delays arise
  • Tips for avoiding fines and unnecessary fees
  • Transportation support (trucking, warehousing and logistics services; liner service, and more)
  • Guidance on obtaining any of the following:
  • Educational seminars about importing into the U.S. (such as Customs compliance trainings) are available upon request.

Customers may also find our Frequently Asked Questions page helpful.

 For more information about non perishable Customs house brokerage services, see  General Cargo Imports .