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Express Your Support for the Standardization of Phytosanitary Treatment Regulations

As your trusted partner in the shipment of fresh fruits and vegetables from their point of origin into stores throughout the Americas, we want to make you aware of, and encourage your support of the United States Department of Agriculture’s proposed change to 7 CFR 305 Part 305.6. This Proposed Regulation aims to standardize the Phytosanitary Treatment Regulations thus allowing the growth of the food import industry in ports. This proposed CFR has a fourfold objective: (1) amend the Phystosanitary Treatment Regulations to establish generic criteria, (2) amend the fruit cutting and inspection requirements in order to expand cutting and inspection to commodities that have been treated for a wider variety of pest, (3) add requirements concerning the establishment of compliance agreements for all entities that operate fumigation facilities, and (4) harmonize language concerning State compliance with facility establishment and parameters for the movement of consignments from the ports in the United States to treatment facility.

This Proposed Regulation is strongly supported by Customized Brokers and all segments of the transportation industry, as it will allow for economic growth and a systematic approach to ensure proper importation of fruits and vegetables. We trust you will see the importance of this proposed change and voice your support as well. We’ve made it easy to do so by making available a word document that you can download here:

USDA Cold Treatment

and place on your company’s letterhead before sending to the following address:

Docket No. APHIS – 20130 0081

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