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Importation of Citrus from Peru

The USDA has opened a comment period for the next 60 days (through June 30) about the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)’s proposed amendment to regulations governing the importation of Peruvian produce. The proposed change would allow the importation of fresh grapefruit, limes, mandarin, oranges, tangerines or hybrids, sweet oranges and tangelos from the entire country of Peru into the continental U.S. under the same conditions that are currently in place. Current regulations only allow the importation of citrus fruit to the U.S. from five approved citrus-producing zones in Peru, subject to a systems approach, which findings show mitigates risks to plants.

Because the primary entities that may be affected by the proposed rule are citrus producers, citrus importers and support industries, Customized Brokers wanted to be sure your voice would be heard. To provide comment about this proposed amendment, click here.

To read full details on the proposed amendment, click here.