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About Our Parent Company

Crowley Maritime Corporation, Inc., provides diversified marine, transportation and logistics services in domestic and international markets through six operating lines of business: Puerto Rico/Caribbean liner services; Latin America liner services; logistics; marine contract services and petroleum distribution; petroleum services (deep sea transportation) and marine technical services. 

The primary services offered by these six business lines include:  

Parent Company Services

Shipping and Logistics

Our extensive sea and land transportation networks ensure goods get to market as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. No matter how far your supply chain extends — into Latin America, South America and throughout the Caribbean — we can help ensure the strength of every link.

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Alaska Fuel Sales and Distribution

We serve the needs of people throughout Alaska, delivering a wide range of fuel products and cargo to some of the state’s most remote inland communities. We also maintain fuel storage and distribution sites for both the wholesale and retail markets.

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Petroleum and Chemical Transport

We maintain one of the world’s largest petroleum and chemical transport fleets, offering safe reliable service throughout the Western Hemisphere. To ensure we fully protect the environments in which we do business, all tank vessels operate under the most stringent safety and performance standards, with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

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Harbor Ship Assist and Tanker Escort

We help ships navigate high-traffic harbors and ports throughout the West Coast and Alaska, offering the services of an extensive fleet of ecologically sound tugs and unmatched expertise in the wheelhouse.

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Ocean Towing and Barge Transportation

We specialize in moving the most challenging cargo loads — including offshore drilling platforms and project cargo. From the Russian Far East and Alaska to South America and Africa, our extensive fleet can make any delivery in any conditions — at sea, onto dock facilities or onto a remote beach.

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Vessel Design and Construction Management – Jensen Maritime

In conjunction with our fully owned subsidiary Jensen Maritime, we offer a full range of naval architecture and marine engineering services. From project management and feasibility studies to contract negotiation and regulatory agency representation, our experienced team delivers unmatched precision.

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Ship Management

Our teams provide unrivaled oversight and technical expertise, all designed to ensure that each ship under management contract operates as safely and as profitably as possible. Whether we’re hired to handle minor tasks like bunkering and maintenance or major overhauls while in drydock, our experienced team aspires to reach the highest standards.

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