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Welcome to Our Customer Resources Page!

Whether you are a first-time importer or one of our experienced clients looking for information about Customized Brokers and our business, we invite you to explore the materials provided below.  


First-Time Importers

Importing goods into countries for the first time can be a complex process. Customized Brokers has built an unparalleled knowledge base in compliance issues and outstanding relationships with U.S. Customs, the FDA and USDA. View our detailed first-time importers information for the necessary steps to begin importing.

Pest Alerts

Keep yourself aware of invasive or newly emerging pest issues and diseases that will affect your perishable international cargo shipments.  More on pest alerts here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh produce deserves fresh thinking.  Access our frequently asked questions to assist in the import process.

General Information

Wood Packing Regulations

Using untreated wood packaging materials violates the USDA rule. When loading ocean containers or domestic trailers, ensure the treatment stamp on pallets and cartons is visible when doors are open and inspections are done. If the stamp is not visible during the inspection, cargo will be marked for stripping and, if it is not in compliance, the shipment will be re-exported or rejected.

For more detail on wood packing stamp regulations view here. Also available for download is a USDA overview of wood Packing regulations in Port Everglades.  Access it here:

USDA Wood Packing Regulations Update

Best Practices for Transporting Produce

The North American Produce Transportation Working Group (NAPTWG) has released best practice guidelines for the transportation of produce. Download it here:

Best Practices for Transporting Produce