Documents and Forms

Customs Documents and Forms

Customs Documents and Forms for First-Time Importers
Customized Brokers provides the following forms and documents to U.S. importers. For assistance completing or filing any Customs documentation, contact Customized Brokers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Avalon Risk Management/Customs Bond Application

Bond Application Form

The following sections (all located on the first page) must be completed in full:

  • Applicant/Principal/Indemnitor Information
  • Merchandise Information
  • Customs Certification

Be sure to sign and date the second page.

C-TPAT Self Assessment Form

C-TPAT Self Assessment Form

Credit Application

Please visit to complete the Credit Application process.

Importer Profile

Importer Profile Form

Complete this form at least through the IRS number and bond sections. Skip ahead to "completed by" if you do not have information beyond these sections. Be sure to sign and date the form.

Importer Security Filing (ISF) Forms for Ocean Cargo

ISF Agreement Form

If you will be importing ocean cargo: On the first page, complete the company name, IRS number, full name of the person filling out the document and the date. The last page (4th) must be signed and dated by a corporate officer.

ISF Form

This form must be completed and emailed to Customized Brokers at for each ocean shipment 24 hours in advance of loading the cargo on the vessel at port of origin.

Notify Party Instructions

Notify Party Instructions

This form should be provided to the shipper so that it may be be included in the Bills of Lading during the booking. This will help to provide clear instruction to the carriers about your shipment.

Payment Instructions

Payment Instructions

Power of Attorney

Customs Power of Attorney Form

For Customized Brokers to act on your behalf and clear your shipments, you will have to execute a Power of Attorney. This form must be completed in full, including your entire company name (or full individual name if not a company). If you're doing business as a "CORP" or an "LLC," please list the state of registration. Additionally, the principal place of business must have a full address, including a city, state and zip code. The name of the person completing this document should also be listed in the section titled "In Witness Whereof." Finally, be sure to include the company IRS number and have it signed by a corporate officer (include officer's title under the "Capacity" section).