General Cargo

Customized Services


Customized Brokers can help navigate your commodity regardless of size through the import process. Whether you are importing basic consumer goods or more complex, medical equipment and supplies, allow Customized Broker to provide you the expertise to keep your cargo moving along the supply chain.  Our in-depth knowledge of various industry segments sets us apart from the competition. Our experienced customs brokerage team is prepared to answer questions about basic tariff classifications, duty preferential treatment opportunities, U.S. governmental agencies(i.e. TTB, USDA, DOT, etc)requirements, and more. 

We offer:

  • Nationally Authorized Automated Remote Entry Filer

  • Electronic and Efficient Paperless Cargo Pre-Clearance

  • Duty Classification & Preferential Trade Agreement Assistance

  • First-Time & Foreign Importer Setup

  • Canned Food and Beverages Import Assistance

  • Medical Devices and Supplies Experience

  • Tobacco and Tobacco-Related Import Experience

  • Aluminum, Plastics and Recyclable Import Guidance

  • Vehicle / Watercraft / Personal Effects Clearances

  • Importer Security Filling / Rapid Self-Filing

  • In-Bond / In-Transit Cargo Management

  • Inspections / Examination Tracking Updates

  • Duty Drawback Processing and Entry Reconciliation

  • Transportation Coordination and Delivery Assistance

  • All Risk Cargo Insurance

  • Industry/Trade Newsletters