General Cargo

Import Customs Clearance


Customized Brokers is an international leader in helping imported goods and cargo clear U.S. Customs quickly and without delays. We provide reliable import customs clearance services for nearly any perishable or time-sensitive product, including fresh and frozen produce (like asparagus), seafood and other refrigerated cargo.

To provide customers with the fastest, most comprehensive service, we maintain a presence at airports and ports throughout the U.S.  Additionally, we have built a strong knowledge of compliance and have an upstanding reputation with CBP, USDA and FDA to allow us to expedite the clearance of your shipments.

We also can handle import clearance documentation, such as FDA Prior Notice and ISF filings, to ensure your perishable freight is cleared on time. Our partnerships with carriers and service providers ensure that your goods are processed and delivered quickly with excellent service.

We operate around the clock, seven days a week, to make sure your cargo enters the U.S. on schedule. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to expedite releases or answer any questions customers may have. Allow Customized Brokers to provide you with unmatched import customs clearance services today.

 For more information about non perishable Customs house brokerage services, see General Cargo Imports.