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Acting CBP Commissioner, Kevin McAleenan Named CBP Commissioner

Following the U.S. Presidential election in January, Kevin McAleenan has officially been nominated as the commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency. In an unprecedented move, Mr. McAleenan is the first “acting deputy” commissioner to also officially and subsequently be nominated to the agency as acting commisioner.

McAleenan has a law enforcement background with experience in both trade facilitation and enforcement. He has served in various positions from port director of Los Angeles International Airport to acting assistant commissioner of CBP’s Office of Field Operations. McAleenan became deputy commissioner back in November of 2014 while serving as CBP’s chief operating officer and senior career official. His focus will remain on Trade Facilitation and the Trade Enforcement Act while also following the President’s directive to simplify regulations that make it difficult for importers and exporters to do business.

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