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After Clearance Customs Reviews

The Customs Entry Summary is one of the most important documents submitted to U.S. Customs and as such, can be the initial trigger to a more detailed Customs compliance review. Such reviews may include proper valuations, harmonized tariff selection and even verification of selected preferential tariff treatment – like CAFTA and NAFTA claims. Over the last few years, Customs, aided by the new ACE system, has increased capability for these compliance reviews. As such, there has also been an increase in Customs’ use of their Request for Further Information form CF28 which allows importers an opportunity to add additional information, clarify what was provided, or provide a sample of the imported product in order for Customs to make final determinations.

Such requests by Customs can be rather challenging and complex which can ultimately lead to a negative impact on import operations for importers. It’s very important that any reviews/answers are provided to U.S. Customs in a timely manner following their request since any non-compliance and/or negative determination found may lead to financial penalties for the importer.

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