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Anti-Dumping/Countervailing Regulatory Assistance

When the government discovers that importing goods are being sold in the US at unfairly low / subsidized prices, to even out the playing field US Customs is responsible for assessing and collecting Antidumping  / Countervailing Duties (AD/CVD) in a timely manner. While anti-dumping duties are aimed to discourage unfair market value importers, countervailing duties seek to offset any subsides that foreign governments provide to specific exporters.

Here at Customized Brokers, we customarily advise our existing importers and potential customers of the ever changing regulatory issues that surround anti-dumping laws. Protect yourself and the compliance risks related to anti-dumping regulations and call us today. We here at Customized Brokers believe in developing thorough import procedures to help steer all our customers in the right direction without the complications of such regulatory obstacles. Allow one of our trained and qualified licensed brokers to walk you through this rigorous process today!
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