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APL Chassis Provisioning

To Our Valued Customers, 

Please see the below notification sent by APL regarding new chassis provisions.

We are writing today to update you on a change in chassis management practice at APL.  Following a trend that has become prevalent among carriers serving the U.S., we will gradually withdraw from the ownership and management of chassis fleets at our facilities.  Chassis will be made available by established chassis providers who will work directly with shippers and drayage companies as necessary to arrange for chassis provisioning. 

This change begins with a pilot program in Denver, Colorado in March 2012, and will continue in Salt Lake City, Utah shortly thereafter.   Our schedule calls for a phase-out of APL-owned chassis at most inland terminals by the end of 2012. The program will extend to East Coast ports in 2013, followed by West Coast ports later that year or in early 2014. 

This change is being made after careful deliberation and a thorough review of industry practice throughout the U.S.  Many carriers have already begun the divestiture of chassis fleets.   Based on our review, we have concluded that if we manage this change carefully, it can result in a more efficient deployment of chassis, improved asset utilization and reduced environmental impact.

A change of this magnitude is complex and accordingly, APL has been in discussions with alternate providers to ensure an adequate and stable supply of chassis to protect the continuity of our customer’s supply chains. Our goal is to maintain the high level of service you expect from APL throughout the changeover.

To ensure our customers are well informed and have adequate lead time to take any necessary action to prepare for the change, we will communicate all the pertinent details including chassis providers, contacts, and fact sheets as each location converts the new chassis provisioning environment.  

If you have any questions, please contact Customized Brokers at 305-471-8989.

Thank you