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April Port Closures

Dear valued customer,
Customized Brokers will be open on Friday 4/18/14 for Good Friday. Below please find the ocean terminal schedules.
West Coast Terminals & Carriers Apr 18
APM Term Open                                         1st Shift
Dole San Diego                                            Open 1st Shift
Eagle Marine                                                Open 1st Shift
Washington United                                     Tacoma Term Open 1st Shift
SSA Term                                                     Open 1st Shift
SeaSide Term                                               Open 1st Shift
Terminal 46 Seattle                                      Open 1st Shift
TRAPAC                                                       Open 1st Shift
Yusten Term                                                 Open 1st Shift
Florida Terminals & Carriers 
APM                                                              Closed
Crowley                                                         Open
Dole PEV                                                      Skeleton Crew
Florida International Term                         Closed
King Ocean                                                   Closed
PEV Term                                                      Closed
POMTOC                                                      Closed
Savannah Term                                           Closed
Seafreight                                                      Open
Seaboard                                                       Skeleton Crew
South Florida Container                             Closed
Tampa – Port Manatee                                Open
Tropical Shipping                                         Open
Gulf Port Terminals & Carriers  
APM Term                                                    Closed
Dole Gulfport                                                Closed
Galveston Term                                            Open
North East / East Coast  Terminals & Carriers  
Berth 88                                                        Closed
Chiquita                                                        Closed
Dole Wilmington                                         Closed
Global Term                                                 Closed
Gloucester Term                                          Open
Isabella Pier 82                                            Closed
Maher Term                                                 Closed
NYCT                                                           Closed
PNCT                                                            Closed
Packer Avenue                                            Closed
Red Hook                                                     Closed
Thank you for your continued support.
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