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Are you taking full advantage of DR-CAFTA benefits?

We at Customized Brokers, have studied one of the most comprehensive trade agreements amongst the Americas, DR-CAFTA and are ready to help guide you through its many provisions making certain that you are taking advantage of each opportunity to save the most while importing your products.

The following is a snapshot of some of the DR-CAFTA intricacies our experts can guide you through:

Single Transformation

Textiles manufactured in a CAFTA eligible countries, using foreign components of any country that may result in a new, and different importing article of commerce.

Tariff Shift

Finished apparel having been formed using foreign fabric following certain yarn forward rules, allow for added foreign articles to be used and still qualify for duty-free treatment.

Short Supply

Identified yarns and fabrics not commercially available in DR-CAFTA countries allow for foreign components to be used without losing their CAFTA duty free privileges.

DR-CAFTA / Originating

All apparel articles originating and/or wholly obtained in one or more qualifying DR-CAFTA countries may be eligible for full duty free treatment.

Give us a call today for an import operations analysis as we have the ability to not only assist you with DR-CAFTA applications, we can also introduce other potentially eligible short supply fabrics/yarns associated with the “short supply” list as regulated by the Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) in DC.