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CBP Expedited Ocean Freight Clearance Program

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has recently announced the expansion of their expedited ocean freight clearance pilot program – Advanced Qualified Unlading Approval (AQUA) – to 10 U.S. ports. The recently implemented AQUA pilot program is designated primarily as a “fast lane” program for all qualifying importing ocean containers in order to expedite cargo movement which saves time, money and increases supply chain velocity.

The program allows C-TPAT qualified ocean carriers to file for “Advanced Qualified Unlading Approval” up to 24 hours prior to vessel arrival into port. CBP will then “pre-clear” the vessel up to 12 hours prior to estimated arrival meaning that the vessel operator doesn’t have to wait for a CBP officer to board and clear the ship.

To date, the following U.S. ocean ports are participating in the fast lane pilot program with plans to further expand in the future: Miami, Savannah, Seattle, Newark, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Port Everglades, Baltimore, Oakland and New Orleans. CBP expects that this program will allow ocean carriers to better predict unlading times for labor cost purposes, quicker turnaround time in port, and permit CBP to better allocate resources and manpower as necessary.

Only ocean carriers that are in good standing with the C-TPAT security program can take advantage of this program. All Crowley companies (Crowley Liner as a carrier, Crowley Logistics as a forwarder and Customized Brokers as a Customhouse broker) meet this criteria allowing you to take advantage of this newly announced expedited lane service when you move your cargo with us. Give us a call today and let us speed your cargo to market.