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CBP to Formally Transition Operational Trade Functions to Centers of Excellence and Expertise

In 2012, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) began testing the transition of operational trade functions from port directors to CBP Centers of Excellence and Expertise (Centers). These Centers were established to increase uniformity of practices across ports of entry, facilitate the timely resolution of trade compliance issues nationwide, and further strengthen critical agency knowledge on key industry practices. 

At this time, CBP is satisfied with the testing and is prepared to establish the Centers as a permanent organizational component of the agency and to transition additional trade functions to them. During this interim basis, CBP will work to formally implement this organizational change by:

  • Defining the Centers and their directors.

  • Differentiate the functions of port and Center directors.

  • Identify Center management offices.

  • Explain the process by which importers will be assigned to Centers.

  • Provide the importer with an appeals process for its Center assignment.

  • Identify regulatory functions that will transition from port directors to Center directors and those that will be jointly carried out.

To read the full ruling on this adjustment, click here.

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