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Customized Brokers Can Help Import Perishables from the Dominican Republic

As you know, APHIS recently began restricting imports of certain fruits and vegetables from the Dominican Republic into the U.S. to prevent the introduction of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly). Additionally, overland in-bond transit movements of these materials have been prohibited south of 39° latitude. While the USDA is working with Dominican Republic authorities in every way possible to reduce the risk, the process will take time. Read the full announcement here, including the list of perishables impacted.

While these actions are important, they have also unfortunately posed a burden on many of our customers shipping from this region. Customized Brokers can help. Our knowledgeable team can guide importers through the options and requirements for shipping from the Dominican Republic. These include:

    · Shipping to Canada through seaports or airports north of the 39° latitude, including the Port of Baltimore, MD.Note that this option requires a special transit permit to do so.

    · Frozen fruits and vegetables (20°F or below upon arrival)are permissible into the U.S. or Canada only with a Frozen Fruit and Vegetable permit.

Perishables shipped without the proper permits will not be allowed to enter the U.S., and many carriers may refuse the cargo. Customized Brokers is specialized in helping customers obtain the proper permits and understand these regulations to reduce the chance of delays during importation.

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