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Entry/ID Application, ACE Cargo Release Information Requirements Under Review by CBP

Through June 28, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is accepting comments on the proposed extension of CBP forms 3461 and 3461 ALT, Entry/Immediate Delivery Application and ACE Cargo Release.

What does this mean to you?

There are two procedures available that may affect the release of imported merchandise.

  1. The forms as source documents: Under cargo release procedures, the forms are the source documents in the packages presented to CBP. The information collected on these forms allows CBP officers to verify that the information regarding the consignee and shipment is correct and that a bond is on file. CBP also uses these forms to close out the manifest and establish the obligation to pay estimated duties in the time period prescribed by law or regulation. CBP Form 3461 is also a delivery authorization document and is given to the importing carrier to authorize the release of the merchandise.

  2. Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) entry in lieu of the forms: Importers or brokers may file simplified entry data via ACE in lieu of CBP Form 3461. This data consists of 12 required elements: importer of record, buyer name and address, buyer employer identification number (consignee number), seller name and address, manufacturer/supplier name and address, Harmonized Tariff Schedule 10-digit number, country of origin, bill of lading, house air waybill number, bill of lading issuer code, entry number, entry type, and estimated shipment value. Three optional data elements are: the container stuffing location, consolidator name and address, and ship-to party name and address.

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