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Florida International Terminal (FIT) Announcement

Dear Valued customer,

Please read through the notification we have received from Florida International Terminal, LLC (FIT) regarding budget cuts. This may also affect other ocean carrier terminals.

Source: 2/28/13


Whether or not the so-called sequestration takes effect on March 1, the message to our customers and the transportation community in general is the same; Expect to see more government cuts and be prepared for certain delays on all freight and distribution services.

Please bear in mind that Friday (March 1st) is typically a very busy day at our Terminal for receiving, delivering and vessel operations, all of which could be impacted by the nation’s fiscal tightening which may be represented by a lesser number of CBP officers available to support our activities.

Regretfully, we know that the start of the fiscal cuts – if that happens – will fall during our busy time for imported fresh produce, adding more difficulties to other shipments to and from around the world. That would be the real impact for all ports in the U.S. including Port Everglades.

We at FIT will do the best we can to continue providing our quality service although as you may understand, certain activities may be negatively impacted beyond our control.

Customized Brokers will continue to monitor this situation and advise of any changes or updates.

Thank you for your continues support.