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Gulfport Service Change 2016

To better serve you we are changing the arrival and departure days for our service between Gulfport, Miss., and the Northern Zone of Central America. Beginning Sept. 14th, we will arrive and sail from Gulfport on Wednesdays; Santo Tomas, Guatemala, on Saturdays; and Puerto Cortes, Honduras, on Sundays. This new schedule provides enhanced reliability and better arrival and departure windows in Central America as described below:

  • Wednesday arrivals in Gulfport will ensure that customers can pick up northbound cargo without facing schedule conflicts on the weekend.

  • Departures from Central America on the weekend will give northbound shippers a full week of production and time to send their cargo to port.

  • Southbound departures on Wednesday allows time for shippers to provide their documents to consignees before the vessel arrives.

Gulfport Service Change 2016