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ILA strike

Dear Valued Customer,

Following the news on a potential International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) strike we learned that U.S. Maritime Alliance and the International Longshoremen’s Association have agreed to resume negotiations during the week of Sept. 17 at the request of a federal mediator, the  Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

We are hopeful an agreement will be reached but in preparation we are reaching out to carriers and terminals for contingency plans in case ILA moves forward with a strike.

Currently in the NE all containerized terminals are ILA only bulk terminals such as Gloucester and Pier 82 are not. These terminals should not be affected. We also learned that Packer Avenue Marine Terminal will deliver cargo with management if there is a strike.

As an example Maersk, while all the terminals in the East coast and Gulf are ILA they are considering the West coast and their Asia ships as options but the transit time is much longer. As Maersk all other carriers affected are diligently looking for a contingency plan in case as agreement is not reached before the end of the month.

In South Florida Crowley, Seaboard and Hyde Shipping will not be affected.

We will continue in constant contact with the carriers and provide an update as the situation develops.

If you have any questions please contact us at 305-471-8989.  
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