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IMMEDIATE UPDATE: FAVIR and the Fruits and Vegetables Manual 10/2014-39

The FAVIR database and the Fruits and Vegetables Manual have been updated. There were several reasons for the update:

  • Add mango to the list of admissible commodities from Jamaica. [Docket No. APHIS-2013-0018; effective October 20, 2014]
    *NOTE: At this time, import permits will not be issued. Until program requirements are finalized, the commodities will not be authorized entry into the United States.

  • The operational work plan and irradiation addendum for litchi and longan from Vietnam are finalized. Import permits for these commodities can now be issued.

In the manual, changes are indicated by black change bars in the left margin and are located on pages 3-161, 3-162, and 3-330.