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Import Security Filling (ISF) submission cut-offs

Import Security Filling (ISF) submission cut-offs:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has entered a new phase of ISF enforcement, which will involve local discretion at the port of level for both holding cargo and issuing liquidated damages/penalties against importers with non-compliant ISF fillings.

CBP may fine the importer up to $5,000 USD per violation for the submission of inaccurate, incomplete or late filing, with a maximum of $10,000 USD per shipment. Noncompliant cargo may be subject to “do not load” orders at origin.

Customized Brokers is committed to assisting you in your compliance and kindly asks that you adhere to these cut-offs for the submission of your ISFs in order to ensure they are processed and transmitted on time.

ISFs should be received 48 hours prior to vessel loading at origin port Monday through Friday before 17:00 EST and Saturday before 14:00 EST. ISFs submitted after these hours will be processed the next business day (or on Mondays in the case of weekends).