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Los Angeles / Long Beach OffPeak Appointment System with Flat Fee

PierPass has announced that the system used to mitigate truck traffic at both Los Angeles and Long Beach ocean ports has recently migrated to an appointment-based system that uses a flat fee for moves regardless of time of day. This represents a major change to the program which previously assessed these fees only during peak cargo move times. The revised OffPeak program is subject to regulatory approval, after which the anticipated launch is August, 2018.

Currently the “Traffic Mitigation Fee” (TMF) is  $72.09 per TEU.  If approved, that fee will be replaced by a new flat fee of $31.52 per TEU. The rate for all other sizes will be a flat fee of $63.04. Applying the flat fee will allow a reduction of more than 55% in TMF fees, while still providing funding to operate extended gates.

The goal of this updated program is to spread cargo pick-up appointments across the two shifts. For the time being, each terminal will continue to use its own existing appointment system. The terminals plan to look at best practice opportunities for common portals once the port-wide program is in place.