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New High Security Seal Standards – March 1, 2012

To Our Valued Customers, 

Please review the notification from C-TPAT below. 

To all C-TPAT Partners:
Please be advised that effective March 1, 2012, the current International Organization for Standardization (ISO) mechanical seal standard (ISO/PAS 17712) will be replaced with a new ISO standard–ISO 17712:2010.  C-TPAT understands that seals are costly, and companies are not expected to discard seals currently in stock.  However, after companies have exhausted their current stock of high security seals, we recommend that they purchase seals which are compliant with the new ISO 17712:2010 standard.

The new standard compliance requirements:

* Testing to determine a seal’s classification for physical strength (as a barrier of entry).
* Process auditing of the manufacturer’s security-related business practices.
* Testing (pass/fail) of a seals ability to indicate evidence of tampering.
* A new 18mm minimum width diameter for bolt seals.

Benefits of the new seal standards include:

* Reduced possibility of cargo theft or tampering.
* Reduced possibility of unauthorized material being inserted into containers or other instruments of international traffic (IIT).
* Reducing shipping delays that result when seals are missing or broken.
* When inspecting seals for signs of tampering, tamper-evident seals should allow personnel, with the appropriate training, to detect compromised seals easier.

When C-TPAT companies transition to the new ISO 17712:2010 compliant seals, they should request documentation (lab reports) to confirm that the purchased seals comply with the new standard.

For more information, please visit the World Customs Organization (WCO) website at or contact the C-TPAT program at Third Generation of the ISO 17712 ISO 17712 (2010) was first published in September 2010 and included an 18-month transition period (to March 2012) to deal with technical issues.  The new standard is the third generation of 17712.  The first was a Publically Available Specification (PAS) published in 2003 and the second was a revision to PAS 17712 published in 2006.  Each revision builds on previous requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact Customized Brokers at 305-471-8989.

Thank you