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Port of Savannah, Georgia To Accept Certain Cold-treated Commodities from Peru and Brazil


Dear Valued Customer,

Customized Brokers has been informed that starting September 1, 2014, the Port of Savannah, Georgia will be authorized to accept cold-treated commodities from the following countries:

Citrus – Mandarins, Tangelos, Clementine, Tangerines, Grapefruit and Sour Limes


Containers that do not pass cold treatment will be prohibited from entering the port and will not be offloaded from vessels. Failed containers will be allowed transit via sea to a Northeastern port for retreatment, or they will be re-exported to the country of origin.

This does not affect existing preclearance programs for grapes and blueberries from Peru. All PPQ pre-cleared commodities with accompanying PPQ Form 203 will still be accepted.