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Presidential Proclamation Introduces New Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum

President Trump signed proclamations this past Thursday, March 8, imposing an additional 25% ad valorem tariff on steel imports and an additional 10% ad valorem tariff on aluminum imports. Canada and Mexico are exempt from these new tariffs pending the outcome of ongoing trade negotiations, and other countries with which the U.S. has a security relationship, can apply for exemption as well.

The new tariffs, which the President calls the “first step in ensuring the economic viability of our [U.S] domestic steel industry,” take effect in 15 days (March 23).

The Secretary of Commerce will issue procedures for countries to apply for exemption by March 18. If, after review and consultation with other government agencies, it is determined that steel or aluminum products from a petitioning country are not produced in the U.S. in a sufficient and reasonably available amount or of a satisfactory quality, or that specific national security considerations are met, the Secretary shall, upon publishing a notice of such determination in the Federal Register, notify Customs and Border Protection (CBP), of the Department of Homeland Security, concerning such article so that it will be excluded from the duties. If, the exclusion is denied, the modification of the tariff measure will be effective March 23 and retroactive tariffs may be due.

The following products are covered by these proclamations. 

  • steel articles classified under HTSUS subheadings 7206.10 through 7216.50, 7216.99 through 7301.10, 7302.10, 7302.40 through 7302.90, and 7304.10 through 7306.90, including any subsequent revisions to these HTSUS classifications

  • the following aluminum articles: (a) unwrought aluminum (heading 7601); (b) aluminum bars, rods, and profiles (heading 7604); (c) aluminum wire (heading 7605); (d) aluminum plate, sheet, strip, and foil (flat rolled products) (headings 7606 and 7607); (e) aluminum tubes and pipes and tube and pipe fitting (headings 7608 and 7609); and (f) aluminum castings and forgings (HTSUS 7616.99.5160 and 7616.99.5170), including any subsequent revisions to these HTSUS classifications

To review the Presidential proclamation in its entirety, click here.