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USDA AMS 8e reminder of inspection requirements/ Marketing Order

Dear valued customer,
Just a reminder of the Commodities Covered by Section 8e of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 which provides that when certain domestically produced commodities are regulated by a federal marketing order, imports of the commodity must meet the same or comparable grade, size, quality and maturity requirements.

Section 8e quality require ments are intended to develop dependable markets for products by ensuring consumer satisfaction and encouraging repeat purchases, promote buyer satisfaction and increased sales for these commodities by ensuring that only acceptable quality products are in the U.S. marketplace, and to help avoid market disruption associated with poor quality offerings by making a quality product available to U.S. consumers, the agricultural industries in both countries benefit.

For some Section 8e commodities, much of the foreign production occurs in a growing season that is different from that in the United States; thus, foreign production complements U.S. production. However, imports of a commodity are regulated by Section 8e only during the period of time that the domestic commodity is also being shipped and regulated. Inspection and certification of both imports and domestic commodities regulated under marketing orders take place prior to the commodity entering U.S. commercial channels AMS Inspections are normally done at the importers facility

Any person who violates any provision of Section 8e, or any regulation, is subject to fines and/or penalties.

Please refer to the attached 8e Marketing Order Coverage Calendar, if you should have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us directly at
8e USDA Calendar

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