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USDA Regulations

Dear Valued Customer,

Container reconditioning for fumigation is at an all time high.If containers do not come ready for fumigation, they are required to go through palletizing and re-stacking. Please be sure to review the below USDA fumigation requirements to ensure your fresh shipments do not incur additional costs and delays.

USDA Fumigation Requirements

  • Cargo must be palletized

  • To fit fumigation equipment, there must be 20-24 inches from the top of the pallet to the roof of the container and an open isle in the middle of the container for the fumigation tube.

Also, the USDA requires that plastic bags be perforated or the bags will be removed prior to fumigation. If you wish to ship cargo wrapped in plastic in order to avoid cargo reconditioning, be sure to download the following regulations:

USDA Plastic Packaging Requirements (PDF)

This process is very expensive and can take from 4-26 hours depending on the volume of the cargo and the amount of cargo wrapped in plastic. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support.

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