Compliance Consulting


Our specialized customs brokerage team can provide trade, security and U.S. Customs compliance consulting for import and export customers who need assistance moving cargo throughout the supply chain. As your dedicated broker, Customized Brokers will act as the liaison between you and various government agencies, making it easier to comply with complex legislation and avoid customs problems. Customized Brokers’ dedicated focus to compliance management helps to reduce cargo delays and costs associated with non-compliance to customs clearance regulations. To ensure customs compliance and fast clearance, work with the best and get your cargo moving quickly. 

We offer:

  • Import Customs Requirements / Commodity Import Regulations Reviews

  • Customs Valuation Inquiries

  • Assistance with Free Trade Zones, Special Regimes and Trade Preferences

  • Industry Best Practices for Increased Efficiency / Alternatives

  • Transportation Support (Trucking, Warehousing and Logistics Services; Ocean Cargo Service)

  • Guidance to Various Governmental Initiatives(ACE / ISF / C-TPAT)

  • Internal Educational Seminars, New Import Initiative Rollout & Self-Audit Programs

  • Special Trade Preference Programs (CAFTA / HOPE / NAFTA)

  • Tariff Classification and Binding Ruling Assistance

  • Duty Refund Protest Processing (CF19 / SIL/ PEA)

  • Automated Trade Services / EDI Capabilities