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Importer Security Filing (10+2 ISF) Reminder

Dear valued customer,
As you are aware Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is at the “Enhanced Enforcement”  stage to improve compliance of the Importer Security Filing (10+2 or ISF)
These requirements have been in place since January 2009.
The enforcement may include Liquidated Damages penalties and/or cargo holds and inspections. We understand that fines are already being issued to repetitive offenders.
We would like to remind our customers that ISF must be filed for all import cargo arriving in the United States by vessel.

The Importer of Record (IOR) is ultimately responsible for ISF filing.
CBP may fine the importer up to $5000 USD per violation for the submission of inaccurate, incomplete or late filing,
with a maximum of $10,000 USD per shipment. Noncompliant cargo may be subject to “do not load” orders at origin.

If goods for which an ISF has not been filed arrive in the U.S., CBP may withhold the release or transfer of the cargo until the ISF is filed,
and may require inspection of the cargo.
If cargo is unloaded without permission, it may be subject to seizure by CBP.
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Thank you for your continued support.
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