Special Seafood

New Service Contracts

As a US Importer you will need the following:

  • Continuous Annual Customs Bond

  • USDA Import Permit when applicable. Please provide a copy of any permits you may have.

  • PACA License when applicable

  • We also recommend that as an Importer you become C-TPAT Certified. (Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) Please provide a copy of such certification.

  • When applicable all your exporter / packing facility will have to be registered with FDA and provide the FDA registration number on your documents. Any address change will have to be reported and a new FDA number must be obtained.

For all Import Entries the following documentation is required from Origin:     

  • ISF (Importer Security Filing) 10+2, 24 hours prior to container loading the vessel at port of origin. 

  • Legible copy of the Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

  • Notify Party must state Customized Brokers

  • Commercial Invoice (must include the following)

    • Must be in English

    • Port of Entry

    • Shipper Name & FDA Registration number

    • Receiver Name

    • Description of Merchandise

    • Quantity: weight & measures

    • Purchase price in currency of sale

    • Country of Origin

    • If product is for consumption or otherwise

Depending on the commodity and Country there may be other required documents for USDA release, like a Phytosanitary Certificate.

Power of Attorney:       

In order for CB to act on your behalf and clear your shipments, you will have to execute a Power of Attorney that has to be renewed every two years.

 Copy of the Power of Attorney form can be found here:

Customs Power of Attorney Form

 Together with the Power of Attorney, please send us a copy of your picture identification document and of your Federal Tax ID.

 Additional Information

 •       Instructions on ISF information to be completed in our Web portal for on every ocean shipment, at least 48 hours prior to loading the cargo on the vessel at port of origin and within established cut-offs.

 •       Notify Party Instructions: This is to be sent to your shipper for them to advise the carriers upon making the bookings for export and make sure they are placed on the Bills of Lading. This will facilitate our communication with the carriers regarding your shipments.

 Notify Party Instructions can be found here:

Notify Party InstructionsCTPAT CertificationPayment Instructions

  • Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date when credit is established.

    •  Advanced freight will be charged a 5% advance fee

 Your choice of payment form will have to be advised at the time of this agreement to issue our invoices accordingly. All our invoices will be sent via email to your designated AP contact.

  CB Responsibilities:

  • Provide timely, accurate filing of entries for imports and monitor clearance activities.

  • Provide all required FDA filings and USDA notice of arrivals

  • Prepare Delivery Orders

  • Provide delivery instructions to truckers

  • Track cargo and provide regular updates until cargo is delivered, notifying of any clearing issues or communications from government agencies regarding specific      entries.

  • Make appointments for CBP or USDA inspections

  • Follow up on CBP, USDA and FDA holds

  • Coordinate fumigations when applicable

  • Inform of charges as they occur, via email

  • Provide our invoices timely

  • File amended entries  for changes in quantity or other manifest errors as notified

  • File ISF as soon as received from shipper

  • File Reconciliation entries if requested