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Special Seafood Importation Program

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More than 80% of the seafood in the U.S. is currently imported. Once harvested, these products – especially fresh varieties – have a short window to be shipped and cleared, and delivered to market. The importation of perishable commodities like fresh or frozen seafood requires an intricate choreography among customs, U.S.D.A. and FDA officials and shippers. With Customized Brokers on your side, this coordination can be seamless. We offer the following services to help get your seafood to market quickly:

  • Customized Brokers’ officers maintain a presence in airports 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work full time to expedite the importation process and to make sure each fish fillet, scallop and shrimp gets to market tasting like it is freshly caught.
  • In the event that your seafood is detained, our team of experts can work quickly to provide unmatched guidance that can expedite the process.
  • We can connect our customers with appropriate laboratory services quickly, should they be required.
  • Through our strategic presence at many of the main airports and U.S. ports of arrival, we can effectively handle your ocean and air freight arrivals, ensuring they make it to their destinations on time.

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