Textiles & Apparel

Customized Services


Customized Brokers’ textiles division is focused on helping our partners expedite both textiles and finished apparel through the rigorous and complex Customs process.  As a compliance driven organization, we have developed ways to more efficiently manage the complexities of importing both textiles and apparel along the supply chain. We have dependable, dedicated teams that keep abreast of regulations on this constantly evolving market. Thanks to our one-stop-shop concept, Customized Brokers is prepared to handle any regulatory and/or logistics issue for cargo entering the U.S.

Allow our experienced team to guide you through the intricacies of the customs entry process including regulatory compliance to ensure your cargo clears fast, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.  We offer:

  • Nationally Authorized Automated Remote Location Entry Filer

  • Electronic and Efficient Paperless Cargo Pre-Clearance

  • Duty Classification & Preferential Trade Agreement Assistance

  • First-Time & Foreign Importer Setup

  • Single Point of Contact

  • Country of Origin Verifications

  • Proper Labeling / Marking Assistance

  • Free Trade Agreement Verifications

  • Quota / Visa / TPL Entry Processing

  • Importer Security Filling Rapid Self-Filing

  • In-Bond / In-Transit Cargo Management

  • Inspections / Examination Tracking Updates

  • Duty Drawback Processing and Entry Reconciliation

  • Transportation Coordination and Delivery Assistance

  • All Risk Cargo Insurance

  • Industry/Trade Newsletters